It’s helpful if you can let your doctors know in advance what you want to happen if you can’t speak for yourself. An Advance Health Care Directive lays out who you want to speak for you and what kind of treatments you want. In this way, you are prepared before health care decisions need to be made.

Our probate calculator may help you determine how much probate will cost, and how much you could save by having a living trust.

If you’re named the agent under someone’s power of attorney, the person gave you permission to step into their shoes and act on their behalf. Meet with an estate planning attorney to discuss your responsibilities and options.

In your thirties, you might still be paying off student loans, and you may think you don’t need to start planning your estate. However, if you don’t have many assets, it may be even more important to plan to make sure what you do have goes where you’d like it to. You see, your net…

As an estate planning attorney, I am often asked by clients where their original estate planning documents should be kept. Estate planning documents can include your original will, power of attorney, trust, or advance health care directive.

You might be surprised to learn that you probably do have an estate. Virtually anyone who owns anything has an “estate.”

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