For over 40 years, we have maintained paramount service to every client we represent. At Maxey | Kaminski, we are committed to our clients. Singular attention and dedication of every client’s case has been fundamental to our proven success. With our extensive background in tax law we intimately understand and work hard to reduce your exposure to excessive taxation.

It is paramount to have a will to ensure the proper distribution of the estate at the time of death. The attorneys at Maxey | Kaminski can help you draft and design a simple or comprehensive estate plan. We will assess your situation and advise if a will or other estate planning tools would be ideal for you.

Advance Health Care Directives
A health care directive is important in order to make clear your wishes of treatment provided to you to sustain and prolong your life in the event of an incapacitating illness or injury. Without a health care directive, the court makes these decisions on your behalf, even if you think your spouse and knows your wishes.

Durable Powers of Attorney
Powers of Attorney are beneficial in situations when incapacity or distance prevent you from taking care of legal and financial matters. They can also assist with transferring after-acquired property into an established living trust. The attorneys at Maxey | Kaminski can discuss with you what circumstances would require a Power of Attorney.

Living Trusts
The attorneys at Maxey | Kaminski can discuss with you the process of establishing a living trust, and the advantages that a living trust may provide for your beneficiaries when you pass away.
Those who have relocated to California should have a previously-established living trust reviewed and modified. Our attorneys can also help with amendments to your living trust. In addition, it is beneficial to thoroughly review a living rust that has not been reviewed for a lengthy period of time.
The team at Maxey | Kaminski can additionally assist in funding the living trust to assure that the assets you have, or acquire later, are duly transferred to the living trust.