At Maxey | Kaminski, the attorneys will provide expert advice and representation for executors and administrators. We can also guide you through demanding and sensitive family dynamics that can be raised in trust and estate litigation.

The procedure of settling an estate can be elaborate, regardless if there is a will. Probate refers to the oversight the court arranges for an administrator or who settles an intestate estate or to the court process of validating a will so that an executor can carry out the decedent’s intentions.

The attorneys at Maxey | Kaminski have extensive experience advising executors, administrators, and trustees. We will not only guide you through every step of the complex procedures and requirements of the administration efficiently, but also provide patience, compassion and a listening ear. We will provide you with detailed advice, so you can administer your loved one’s estate as efficiently as possible.
We understand the the unfamiliar documents may be confusing especially at a time when emotions are overwhelming.

The attorneys At Maxey | Kaminski will assist with valuing assets within the estate

Our attorneys support executors in the processes of collecting, valuing, protecting and liquidating assets of an estate. We will also seek out financial advisors, real estate agents, property managers and other professionals to facilitate executor functions. We also seek expert evaluation for assets such as coins, automobiles and other collectables for proper valuation, management, or sale.

Disputes can arise between beneficiaries and fiduciaries. When there is a will challenge or accusations against a fiduciary’s management of estate assets, our attorneys will provide competent representation of fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust and probate disputes.

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